Welcome to GODwod!

IMG_5910As a passionate and obsessed CrossFitter, I have spent a lot of time and effort working on my physical fitness. I recently renewed my relationship with God and realized that I needed to work on my spiritual fitness as well.

I do not profess to being an expert Christian. Far from it. I cannot quote Bible verses off the top of my head, and I fall short everyday at being a so-called “good Christian.” What does that even mean?

I do not judge those of other religions (or no religion) as I find religion to be deeply personal to the individual. I am not trying to convert you, but if my words help you or inspire you to seek God, then AWESOME!

I also do not profess to being a good writer. I have a legal background so yeah, sometimes my writing is too long and a little boring. I have recently learned that I am especially bad at writing all “Christian-ish.” But I do find writing to be a cathartic process that allows me to organize and IMG_6715understand my thoughts which is my purpose for starting this blog.

Here’s what I am- a 45-year-old wife, mother of two boys, CrossFit gym owner, and reborn Christian living in Auburn, Alabama (not necessarily in that order!). These are the things that define me and that I hope to share in this blog.

In CrossFit, we have the “workout of the day,” or the WOD. GODwod is my reminder to daily work on my relationship with God.






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